East Morton landlord Martin Crosswaite had to settle for fourth place in the expert category of Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club’s Cobb & Jagger Trophy Trial at Keighley Gate last Sunday.

Despite fears of bad weather, the club managed to stage the second round of the Yorkshire Centre Trials Championship in dry, bright conditions.

The dense, wooded ravine trials course provided many thrills and spills as compet-itors attempted to remain on two wheels.

Entrants travelled from all parts of West and North Yorkshire, while MRS Sherco teamsters Luke Walker and Thomas Minta entered, even though they live at Ashby de la Zouch and Telford respectively.

Richard Sadler won the expert class ahead of Denby Dale’s Jack Price.

Price was holding on to national double S3 Parts champion Sadler, who dropped two penalties on the first of three laps.

Price rode the first two laps on a single penalty but stopped on the rocks at the end of the third section on his final lap.

Sadler lost three marks in the stream at the fourth section and one mark on the very hard eighth section. Crosswaite was out-standing on this section but stopped on his final lap, exactly where Price failed on section three.

Minta was the class act in the championship youth category, while Norton oil- rig technician Roger Williams jetted home for his leave period and won Clubman B from Falcon member Andrew Jackson by a single penalty.

Eccleshill youngster Keiran Child again excelled with a Youth class victory over Slathwaite’s Will Tol-son, Idle youngster Joe Faunthorpe and Keighley’s Jacob Snowdon.

A total of 118 riders competed on the adults’ course, while 26 boys and girls took part in a separate small-wheels five and eight section group.

Harry’s Hemingway’s brother George won the middle-course class from Keighley’s Myles Hutchinson and Ravensworth’s Monte Andrew.

Other Keighley contenders included Joseph Fox (first in youth class A) and Aaron Carter (youth class B).

RESULTS: Championship Course – Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (MRS Sherco) 6, 2 Jack Price (R&T Gas Gas) 8, 3 Luke Walker (MRS Sherco) 13, 4 Martin Crosswaite (Gas Gas) 15. Inters: 1 Andy McLoughlin (Gas Gas) 47, 2 Jack Stones (Gas Gas) 56, 3 Gavin Black (Montesa) 62. Novices: 1 James Stones (MRS Sherco) 43, 2 Thomas Housecroft (Beta) 83, 3 Harry Lampkin (Beta) 86. Youths: 1 Thomas Minta (MRS Sherco) 20, 2 Sam Johnson (Beta) 76, 3 Ben Goddard (Sherco) 97. Clubman A: 1 Roger Williams (Beta) 8, 2 Andrew Jackson (Gas Gas) 9, 3 Neil Savage (Gas Gas) 23. Youths: 1 Keiran Child 39, 2 William Tolson 47, 3 Joe Faunthorpe 70 (all Beta). Clubman B: 1 Stew-art Oughton (Beta) 25, 2 Chris Ward (Scorpa) 27, 3 Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 29. Youth A: Joseph Fox (Gas Gas) 80. Youth B: 1 Megan Savage (Beta) 126, 2 Aaron Carter (Beta) 130. Youth C: 1 Charlie Mosley 130, 2 Joe Child 136, 3 Edward Earle 137 (all Beta). Small wheels – Hard Course: 1 Elliott Laws (Beta) 9, 2 Harvey Mosley (Beta) 20, 3 Harry Hemingway (Oset) 30; Middle Course: 1 George Heming-way (Oset) 46, 2 Myles Hutchinson (Oset) 60, 3 Monte Andrew (Beta) 70; Easy Course: 1 Alex Horne (Oset) 16, 2 Conrad Andrew (Sherco) 16, 3 Mason Carter (Gas Gas) 12.