Skipton schoolgirl Amy Howarth is hoping that a lack of funds won’t scupper her Olympic canoeing dream.

The 13-year-old Aireville School student wants to compete in the 2020 Games in Tokyo but she confesses: “I come from a single-parent family on low income.

"I am supported in my paddling by my nana Anne, who is also on a low income and is worried that she will not be able to afford the costs associated with the necessary increased level of competition, training and travel.”

Amy achieved her ambition for 2013 by getting into the top 20 in Division One K1 but exceeded them by being promoted into Premier/Division One in C1.

She said: “My next aim is to get into the Premier K1 Division within the next 18 months I am committed to this as I train twice a week with my club’s (Bradford & Bingley) elite juniors.”

Amy is also part of the North’s Super Regional team, which involves training four times a month, while she also trains twice a month with other paddlers from the Yorkshire region at various UK slalom courses.

Anyone who can help Amy, who is part of England’s Pan Celtic team, should e-mail Anne at