Chris Wademan featured in his last game of the season for Silsden this week before heading Down Under to play in Tasmania.

The striker, who is linking up with Riverside Olympic in the Northern Premier League, is following in the footsteps of a number of other Cobbydalers who have tried their luck in Australia. Having scored four goals in his last three games, Wademan’s absence will be felt.

Silsden press secretary Jim Rosser said: “We will miss Chris’s goals and (manager) Andy Geary needs to replace him without doubt.

“He played on Tuesday because he didn’t leave until Thursday and he said he wanted to play one more game before he went.

“He’s gone to Tasmania – a lot of our players have been there.

“Andy Geary and Colin Guest went years ago. Colin ended up staying in Australia and settled in Perth.

“There are two clubs in Tasmania that have taken our players, Launceston City and Olympic.

“It’s not a brilliant standard but it’s decent and similar to non-league, so our lads tend to do well over there.”

Wademan may be off on his travels but the club have recently welcomed back another globe-trotter.

Ben Lamb, who has also played for Eccleshill United, is back for a second spell with the Cobbydalers and came on a substitute in last Saturday’s 3-1 home win over AFC Liverpool.

Rosser said: “Ben came on for Danny Fagan and he did well. He’s been in Connecticut and California for the last three months playing and coaching. He loved it and he thinks he’ll go back.

“Trips like that are very good for the lads and not just for their football development because it’s good experience for them.

“Chris will leave as a boy and return as a man. He will learn a lot about football, himself and life in general.”