One of Skipton and District’s top bowlers died last week. George Kettlewell, 89, played for Addingham and Ilkley, but will be best known for his playing days at Skipton Devonshire, when the club thrived.

Individually, George won the Skipton and District Merit five times, with his first success in 1953 and his last coming in 1982.

He won many league doubles titles with his teammate and Addingham friend Allan Ellis, he also won with his son Headley.

Like a lot of good bowlers George was a perfectionist and one little memory was, when a Devon player came off the green at Addingham, chuffed with winning a Clarkson cup match 21-3, George had a word in his ear and told him he should have beaten that bloke 21-1. Players of his like are few and far between, he will be missed by his family and many people in the bowling fraternity.