A young canoeist whose ambition is to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, has received a sponsorship boost,

Amy Howarth, a pupil at Aireville School, competes in canoe slalom for Bradford & Bingley Canoe Club.

And now she is being backed by local law firm AWB Charlesworth Solicitors.

A regular sport at the Olympics since 1992, canoe slalom is a highly-physical water activity that involves navigating a kayak through powerful and challenging river rapids.

Since taking up the sport at an early age Amy attends training twice a week and has made good progress, recently moving up in to the top 20 in her division and being selected to join the Northern Super Regional Squad and the England Pan Celtic Team.

Determined to compete in the World’s biggest sporting event, Amy regularly travels across the country with her Nana Anne and Mother Tracy to compete with other young paddlers. But, with increasing training and equipment costs, Amy feared that she may have to consider putting her Olympic dreams on hold.

Amy says “My mum and nana have been great in supporting me with my paddling but Canoe Slalom is quite an expensive sport and we were worried that we would not be able to afford the costs associated with the increased level of equipment, training and travel required to help me practice and improve.”

AWB Charlesworth’s Partner Umberto Vietri said: "

He say “Amy is a very hard working, ambitious and talented young athlete and I speak on behalf of the entire firm when I say that we are delighted to be able to sponsor her.

"I have no doubt that Amy will do well and I look forward to cheering her on when she competes in the 2020 Olympics.”