CRAVEN League footballers have been told: Your Club Needs You.

League chairman Gerry Aldersley states: "We are approaching season 2014-15, and now is the time for players to contact clubs and register.

"Over the past couple of seasons, we have seen clubs having to withdraw teams because of lack of players.

"Gargrave, Carleton, Silsden Whitestar and Embsay all suffered this problem.

"I have received a message from Embsay, who are having problems retaining last season's players and recruiting new players.

"Every season we have clubs who manage with a small number of regular players and others who have over 50 players registered for two teams, 20 of whom are not going to get a game.

"Come on players! Contact your local club and help them to continue providing football.

"These clubs are run by a very small number of people for your benefit."