THE Skipton Hire Centre Clarkson Cup first round saw Lund Park A produce the best result.

They made the most of their 70 handicap as they defeated the merit league leaders Colne Cricket Club - who were playing off ten - in the match at Silsden Playing Fields.

Things looked to be going Colne’s way as only Alan Downing 21-14 stopped the Cricket Club's early charge.

The last four players for Lund Park dug in and when Wayne Hudson came up with a 21-18 win, the match went to Lund Park A 216-210.

Keighley A showed no mercy for Cononley A who were a player short, as they romped to a 215-100 win. Keighley had nine winners plus a walkover.

Addingham A skipper John Jubb 21-8 and his team-mate Ted Wray 21-9 produced great results in their match at Devon. Addingham A (105) beat Silsden PF A (50) 256-235.

Sutton A (30) travelled to Addingham to take on Devon B (70). The match was tight but looked to be swinging Sutton’s way when the last match was called to the green.

The Sutton player was late and the decision was made to play a stand-in reserve.

Devon seized the initiative and a big win for Tony Akers secured a 223-209 victory.

Devon A (15) took on a under strength Crosshills A (scr) team at a disappointing Lund Park green.

Devon got a great start with some good wins, which just about sealed their 199-167 in a match where both sides had five winners.

Broughton Road A (50) had to give 75 points start to Gargrave C(125) but made light of the situation as they reeled off eight wins.

Gargrave were given a lifeline when Andrew Cleminson scored a 21-3 win which threw the outcome of the match into doubt.

Gary Bottomley was required to recover the situation and he did so with a 21-4 win to send Broughton Road through 242-230.

Gargrave A (40) took on Colne Legion A (55) at Lund Park, the winners where shared 5-5 but the decisive victories came for Colne, with Kirk Hitchcox 21-5 and Mike Bysouth 21-9 making sure it was Legion who progressed 247-210.

Oakworth (80) must have expected a tough game with Steeton A(70) at Keighley, but with Karl Lockwood and Glynn Bottomley both winning 21-5, and five more winners a 276-226 victory was secured.

In the Skipton Hire Centre Supplementary Cup, favourites Settle A(55) kept on track with a good win over Gargrave B (85) at Grassington.

Derek Seed 21-6, Mick Duke 21-8 and David Leeming 21-8 had the best wins in a comfortable 253-221 win for Settle A.

Lund Park B (115) got the better of Grassington (105). The match was tight until Bev Guffick 21-10 and Bill Duckworth 21-11 opened up a lead for Lund Park, which they maintained for a 308-262 win.

David Turner's 21-4 win was key to Rolls Royce (70) securing a 266-258 victory over Whinfield B (110).

Steve Hounslow 21-3 led the first four winners for Rolls Royce, but Ronnie Cowman 21-13 and Ann Heyworth 21-20 got Whinfield B back in the game. It was then down to Turner who produced the goods for Rolls.

Whinfield A (70) did keep the Skipton club in the cup as they got the better of Broughton Road B (95) 273-238.

Silsden PF B (90) also had to pull back a big handicap against Keighley C (135), but they had eight winners in a 293-268 win.

Keighley B, Steeton B and Sutton B all had big wins against weakened sides, with results as follows; Keighley (85) 282 Crosshills B (75) 200, Steeton B (110) 289 Cononley B (75) 231, Sutton B (85) 282 Colne Legion B (85) 210.

The Inter District Veterans after an opening defeat against last season's champions Halifax, they took on Castleford.

The home team were well on top with seven winners in a 24-4 triumph, the away side also took the honours with six winners in a 17-11 victory.

Last week's fixture was against Huddersfield. The home side did quite well with four winners, Cliff Taylor 21-7 and Mick Duke 21-8 proved to be best, in a 16-12 home victory.

The away team put up some good scores, but managed just two winners, Mick Demain 21-14 and Kevin Burnett 21-19, which meant a 20-8 defeat.