IT might seem like the father and son paring of Trevor and Richard Hargreaves always scoop the Skipton Summer Doubles, but that is just a figment of the imagination.

Their victory at Silsden Playing Fields on Sunday was only the second time they have won it together.

Their previous success was back in 1995, although both of them have won on many occasions with different partners.

It all clicked into place for them on Sunday, but it was no cake walk as they faced four tough pairings.

Their first was comfortable enough as they got the better of Broughton Road pair of Darrell Gore and Jim Akrigg 15-7.

Other interesting early results saw Les Foster and Peter Shaw win 15-6 in ten ends against Derek Seed and David Leeming while J Parkin and Terry Birch defeated Paul Kaye and Chris Wilson 15-12.

The quarter-finals saw Parkin and Birch in top form as they brushed aside the Sutton brothers Jason and James Jennings 15-2.

The Whinfield pairing of Gary Hodge and David Hudson where doing well and reached the semi-final with a 15-12 win over Mick Demain and John Chambers.

The Gargrave duo of Cath Rushton and Julian Phillip must have been on a high as they led Les Foster and& Peter Shaw 10-3, but the next six ends saw Foster and Shaw turn it round to go through 15-13.

The best match of the day saw Sutton’s Kevin Mackie and Craig Smith take on the Hargreaves duo, it was tit for tat throughout with Smith’s strong wood fires stopping end after end.

It was a fire great match, with the crowd getting well involved, but the Keighley pair are at their best when under pressure and they edged a 15-14 win.

The semi-finals saw Birch and Parkin take on Hudson and Hodge. The long wait between matches saw Parkin and Birch struggle to find their earlier form.

Gary Hodge produced some good bowls for the Whinfield pair as they cruised to a 15-4 win to secure a place in the final.

Parkin and Birch looked a weary pair as they departed with a 15-4 defeat, Hudson and Hodge had done well to make the final.

Trevor and Richard Hargreaves met Les Foster and Peter Shaw in the other semi-final.

A tight game saw the lead change hands throughout, at 10-9 to Foster and Shaw they led the jack and produced a terrible end to give away a poor four. Two more singles and the game was over with the Hargreaves pairing winning 15-10.

The final would prove to be a game too far for Hudson and Hodge, A good start saw Hudson and Hodge notch a two, but in eight ends it was all over 15-4 to the father and son Keighley pair.

Richard and Trevor picked up their cash prize from guest presenter Brian Farrage of Settle.

The Skipton Hire Centre Clarkson and Supplementry Cups played out the quarter-finals last Thursday.

Trevor and Richard Hargreaves had been in good form earlier in the week as they steered their Keighley A team to a big victory over Addingham A in the Clarkson Cup.

Both won 21-2 as the team pulled back a 100 handicap start for Addingham and romped to a 215-184 win.

Broughton Road A took on Colne Legion A at Cononley with the Lancashire side having a five-point handicap pull.

A tight match saw five winners to each side with Darrell Gore and Lee Hicks both winning 21-10 which got the Roaders through 235-229.

Oakworth had a ten-point start over local rivals Lund Park A in their tie at Broughton Road. Once again the match was a tight affair with five winners each.

The telling results where Kath Whitaker 21-8 and Darren Rees 21-7 swinging the match in Lund Park’s favour 246-236.

The final Clarkson Cup quarter-final saw Devon A versus Devon B at Whinfield. The B team had a 55-point advantage but the wins went the way of the A team.

The B team picked up reasonable scores until Robbie Ellis 21-3 and Martin Lee 21-8 showed their class.

Jonathan Barrett gave the B team hope with a 21-16 win, but the match was the A teams before a late win for Peter Haworth 21-17 reduced the deficit to 216-205.

The Skipton Hire Centre Supplementary Cup favourites Settle A gave 60-points start to Lund Park B, but with Settle having nine winners it was not enough.

The Park B team team put up some good scores and Stuart Hall’s 21-19 win kept things close early on, then David Leeming 21-5, Graham Ralph 21-8 and Derek Seed 21-10 put the match Settle’s way 263-245.

Rolls Royce had to give Silsden PF B 20 points but it should not have been enough. With seven winners the works team should have been home and dry, but their opponents proved otherwise.

Points where let slip and Margaret Slater's 21-6 win proved a killer blow. Richard Clarkson did really well to get 17 against David Turner as the Park side progressed 257-254.

Steeton B had a real problem for this match with quite a few players unavailable, so a weakened side took on Sutton B, it was just to much for Steeton as Sutton B had nine winners with Irene Stone 21-3 and Pauline Tate 21-5 leading the way to a 288-245 victory.

With greens at a premium Keighley B and Whinfield A had to travel up to Settle, the match though turned out to be a good close game with winners on both sides.

Idris Wade 21-3 and Gary Hodge 21-6 made sure it was Whinfield who went through 252-234.

Skipton Inter District Veterans took on Leeds and the the outcome was slightly disappointing at home. They had four winners with Derek Seed 21-3 and David Jacques 21-9 the best scores in a 15-13 defeat.

The away side did better with five winners, Trevor Hargreaves 21-9 and Idris Wade 21-11 put up the best results in a 16-12 win.

The Skipton and District Hargreaves League Merit qualifying round takes place on Sunday, July 16. Entries are needed so please contact Peter Haworth.