ASSOCIATION secretary Graeme Waterfall has set the ball rolling with the first record fish from Skipton AA’s sport on the Broughton Road length of the canal at Skipton.

Waterfall’s fish was a decent bream that tipped the scales at 1570g (3:7:4) and was landed from the Bowling Club length.

Records are open for decent-sized fish upwards for perch; roach; gudgeon; ruffe; chub; pike and brown trout – when in season. Fish should be weighed on good quality scales and must be witnessed by a club member if possible. Failing this, the fish must be photographed against a suitable measure and also the weight shown on the scales in kilogrammes.

Skipton AA is now into its second year of renting a length of fishing on the canal and the full stretch begins at Belmont Bridge No 178 near the town centre basin and extends westward to the Niffany Farm swing bridge No 175.

It also includes the full length of the Springs Canal Branch and both lengths are also available for non-members via the purchase of a day ticket from Pennine Cruiser’s Boat Shop at the basin (cheaper in advance than purchased on the bank). From bridge No 178 southwards to beyond Kildwick the fishing is in the hands of Keighley Angling Club.

Further periods of rain have continued to cause the level of the River Aire to fluctuate, making fishing impossible at times. Chub have been turning up in catches from Inghey Bridge downstream, including one or two fish above the 900g mark. A few grayling and out-of-season brown trout have also been caught mainly on the worm. Three pike anglers in the Skipton AA water on Heslaker Lane were out of luck with their spinning tackle last Sunday.

Embsay Reservoir is having the occasional off-day but by and large the sport is reasonable with perch, rainbow, tiger and brown trout all readily taking the fly or worm. The latter fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible now that the season has closed.

Skipton Winter League competitors will be fishing the Long Ing length of the canal at Barnoldswick on Sunday with the draw at 8am. No new registrations to the league will be accepted.