NATHAN Wrigglesworth got the Bradford DMC WBS Summer Championship series of trials off to a flying start at Glusburn on Wednesday evening.

As series sponsor he was present in more than name and spent Tuesday evening with Brian and Anthony Ayrton plotting the four-lap course.

Some exploring was required on the Manor Farm House acres as some of the well-used quarry holes were filled in to retrieve valuable grazing land for the sheep.

Not all the craters were filled and they were in play with sections well out on the Pennine moors which were unusually dry.

Those conditions produced clean sheet rides for hard course contenders Ryan Crowder and Jonathon Baker.

Denholme Class B girl Olivia Brooksbank put one over her friend and rival Beth Dunning.

Olivia just about got round without penalty but lost one mark in the penultimate section, on the final lap.

Lucy Ayrton also won her class and that result will inspire her in the Ladies and Girls national championship series.

Leeds engineer Steve Wicks headed the green course class while Mark Sutcliffe was the best of eight easy course competitors.