Alan Scarlett


'Charlie' Alan SCARLETT Happy 50th Birthday September 20 There is a chap in Cowling, who's known to all as 'Charlie'. He farms the land, and tends his stock, and does a real good job. You can't mistake his fiery cheeks, and happy smiling face. He's so well known by all around, from frequenting pubs and parties. He comes alive when he's handed a mic' - he's a star at karaoke. Charlie's favourite tunes are mainly Soul, but never phased to vary. His party trick, is a twist, on one of Tom Jones' finest - with words unfit to mention here, so I'll not enlighten. He has been known, over the years, to pull a bird or two - it's that secret scent that draws them in - brand Shippon No 5. So here's to you, my mate Charlie, on entering your 50th year - wishing you all the best, and the rest throughout the coming years. Remember this? Stand up straight, shoulders back and stop walking like a question mark! These words were said, some years ago, by whom you might recall. If not, think on it, and you will expose, the author of this Ode. Let's meet up soon, to have a drink and celebrate in style. I'll await your call - don't hesitate, it's been far too long a while. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!