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Annual race sees local stars shine

VERY few can doubt that 2021 has been a weird and mixed up year but for the summer season of fell running at least, there was the “usual” dramatic finale race accompanying the Wasdale Shepherd’s Meet at Wasdale Head.

Mud-covered runners tackle "man-eating" bogs at Haworth

AFTER a brief, firm respite in 2018, the rains returned with a vengeance to replenish the bogs on the Withins Skyline route at Haworth to their more usual “man-eating status” for the senior race and; made the junior Quarry Runs particularly muddy, adding to the fun of these frantic races.

Malham Charity Relays run in memory of Stanley Clayton

This year’s BOFRA Malham Charity Relays took on an extra poignancy as they were being run in memory of Stanley Clayton, who sadly lost his battle with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia on June 11 this year having been born less than 24 hours earlier.