LAST week's Craven Curiosity got the brain cells working over time.

Two readers guessed it was a tap and die - tools used to create screw threads - and they weren't too far off.

It was, in fact, an antique joiner’s clamp.

Experts at Craven Museum and Gallery tell us: "This is used to clamp woodworking tools on to maintain a steady balance. The clamp is made from wood and rusted metal.

"The clamp consists of a small rectangular shape with a drill bit at the bottom of which it is clamped onto a work surface. The side of the clamp consists of two oval grips which hands are gripped onto. The top of the clamp shows the metal drill bit."

All items featured in this column can be viewed at the Craven District Council-run museum which is located at Skipton Town Hall. It is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Meanwhile, we are inviting guesses about this week’s mystery object. Suggestions can be emailed to, to arrive no later than noon on Monday.