CONGRATULATIONS go to readers who identified last week's Craven Curiosity.

Brian Lister and Beryl Dodsworth both said it was a draughtsman’s pen (or technical pen).

And David Heather and Anne Lindsay guessed that it was a lining pen, but were less precise on its use.

Experts at Craven Museum and Gallery tell us: "The pen would allow the draughtsman’s to draw lines more accurately by adjusting the thickness of lines.

"This pen is a fountain pen and dates from around the 1950s. To release ink, the shaft is depressed and a line of about the width of the exterior diameter of the tube can be drawn.

"The pen has a steel nib and has a handle made from bone. The whole length of the pen is 127mm."

All items featured in this column can be viewed at the Craven District Council-run museum which is located at Skipton Town Hall. It is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Meanwhile, we are inviting guesses about this week’s mystery object. Suggestions can be emailed to, to arrive no later than noon on Monday.