LAST week's poser was a photograph of an inkwell found on the site of the World War One camp in Raikeswood, Skipton, home to trainee soldiers in 1914 and later to German prisoners of war.

It is a small stoneware pot with a brown salt glaze measuring 50mm and was donated to Craven Museum in 1971. It is identical to two more pots that were recently handed over to the team working on the Raikeswood camp project by residents in Raikeswood Drive who had kept them for nearly 50 years, an expert from Craven Museum tells us.

Archaeologists a have been involved in a five day long dig at the site hoping to find artifacts linked to both its roles.

Correct guessers were Anne Lindsay of Steeton, Geoff Hanson of Cross Hills, David Henderson of Settle and Tony Phillips of Barnoldswick.

Now there's another chance to have a go at guessing the new mystery object. Suggestions can be e.mailed to to arrive no later than Monday 8am.