Sorry to talk turkey in the middle of January. But if you think turkey is just for Christmas, think again. Most of us know by now that turkey meat is low in saturated fats and calories and also a good source of protein. So what’s not to like?

Okay, you might have only just finished your Christmas food - roast turkey then cold turkey; turkey pie followed by turkey casserole....but which meat eater doesn’t love a well flavoured sausage?

That’s certainly what former Young Butcher of the Year George Taylor thinks. Over the last couple of years George and his brother Kabel (who also works at Country Harvest in Ingleton) have won major awards for their pork sausages and Cajun chicken burgers, now they are pursuing a spicier theme with their new Turkey and Chilli bangers.

“In January most people start thinking about cutting down a little and eating a bit healthier. But when the weather’s cold it’s also a time when you want to eat hot, filling food and that’s where sausages are such a great option,” said George.

The sausages, which include a light sprinkling of paprika, can be grilled or baked and served as a lighter version of bangers and mash.

Or try them with roasted squash with a few caraway seeds for a little something different. They’re also excellent cooked and sliced with a fresh tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes and spaghetti.

The pasta dish is also a great way to use up leftovers – spinach and mushrooms work particularly well.

For a healthier dish simply bake the sausages and serve with puy lentils in a tomato sauce – a highly nutritious, low calorie meal full of protein and fibre which costs about £1.50 per head.

The skinned sausages also make a great stuffing mixed with spring onions, nuts, sun dried tomatoes and then baked in courgettes.

“Sausages are one of our best-selling meat products at Country Harvest and every week or so we try out different flavours.

“Sometimes our new flavours go down so well we will make them every month, one example of that is the hickory and chipotle sausage which went down a storm when we first created it in 2016 and is now a regular on our meat counter.

“But every January when people are thinking about healthier meals and perhaps losing a bit of weight we try to come up with a less calorific option – last year we made a turkey and cranberry sausage which was really successful and tasty but this time we’re going for a slightly spicier option.”