These spectacular pictures were taken during a recent gathering in Malham by a group of eight daredevils who defied any fear of heights for a very unusual hobby.

The highline event attracted a crowd of onlookers to watch the eight people taking part step out on what looks like a highwire over parts of Malham Cove.

Augustin Moinat, who provided us with these images, said none of the eight taking part are professionals, and they all only do that for fun, but do it quite regularly.

“I think this was only the third time it happened there in Malham, but I may be wrong,” he said.

“Malham is not our biggest spot, but we have many around the country, North Snowdonia has the highest density.

“Most of us are member of the UK Slackline association, which is becoming a governing body this year, and we have some bigger gatherings sometimes.

“The activity has been around for over 10 years in the UK (as highline, I don’t know about regular slackline) and I would stay it is growing quite rapidly. In the rest of Europe it’s growing really fast anyway

“The gear we use is especially designed for that use and we do everything to ensure safety. The highliner is secured to the line and there is back-up security on every single piece of gear.

“If people want to try, they should not go by themselves with climbing gear, but seek counsel from the UKSA.”