AWARD winning Keelham Farm Shop in Skipton prides itself on fresh, locally produced produce. Here, it shares a recipe using seasonal blackberries which is perfect for the coming Autumn.

At Keelham, we believe that food tastes best when it’s fresh and local. Whether you enjoy foraging for your own blackberries or would prefer to pick up a punnet here, this blackberry crumble recipe is simple, delicious, and the perfect way to ease into the autumn months.

Blackberry crumble with granola topping and honey custard (serves 4)

Preparation time - 15 mins

Cooking time - 20 minutes


For the Blackberry compote

1 Bramley apple peeled and diced to 1 cm cubes

3 Braeburn apples peeled and diced to 1cm cubes

250g blackberries

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

50g butter

60g golden caster sugar


In a heavy based saucepan mix the apples, butter and sugar with just a splash or two of water. Cook down for around 30 minutes, stirring regularly until the apples start to break down to form a puree. Give it a taste and if the mix is tart, add a little sugar, and if it’s too sweet add a little lemon juice.

Leave the puree to cool, then add the blackberries and pour into an oven proof dish of a suitable size (make sure it’s big enough to add the crumble topping).

For the crumble

60g cold butter

100g plain flour

50g golden caster sugar

120g Yockenthwaite honey granola


Rub the flour together with the cold butter until it resembles bread crumbs, then add the sugar and turn out onto a baking tray. Bake in a pre-heated 180c oven for 8-10 minutes, then leave to cool before mixing in the granola.

Scatter the topping over the top of the fruit mix and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 c for 10-12 minutes.

Chef’s tips

By cooking the crumble mix first it makes for a crunchier topping, with no claggy undercooked crumble.

Enhance your favourite custard with a little local Denholme Gate honey for a taste sensation.

Fancy leftover crumble for breakfast? Layer the cold fruit puree with Hesper Farm vanilla Skyr yoghurt in a large wine glass and top with a scattering of crumble mix.