AS much as 80 per cent of the world’s forests have been destroyed or irreparably degraded.

The UK has far less woodland than the rest of Europe, and in the Yorkshire Dales native broadleaf woodland cover accounts for just 2.7 per cent.

And now local charity the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) is calling for support to plant 100,000 native broadleaf trees over the next two years to create beautiful woodlands that everyone can enjoy.

Carol Douglas, YDMT Woodland Officer, said: “Trees are vital to so many aspects of life.

“As well as providing habitats for wildlife, reducing flooding and helping to combat climate change, we know that trees help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a healthier lifestyle.

“We’re launching the Together for Trees appeal to raise funds to create beautiful living spaces that everyone can enjoy for years to come.”

Since 1996 YDMT has worked with landowners and partners including Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust to plant around 1.4 million new trees, creating hundreds of new woodlands across the region.

However disease, poor management, grazing and lack of awareness all place a significant threat upon existing woodlands, and much more still needs to be done.

Many trees are reaching maturity and there is a vital need to care for them and plant new trees for the future.

Michael Devlin, YDMT Development Manager, said: “We believe that everyone should have access to trees.

“We work with disadvantaged groups such as young carers, homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, many of whom live with disabilities, mental illness and social isolation.

“The groups we work with in Yorkshire come from the 10 per cent most economically deprived communities in the country, often lacking the ability to visit the special landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

“With your support we can not only help to plant thousands of new trees, but also provide opportunities for people to feel healthier and happier by experiencing our woodlands, meeting new friends and caring for the beautiful Yorkshire Dales countryside.”

You can support the Together for Trees appeal by making a donation; £6 per month would help protect and manage a semi-natural woodland to allow wildlife to flourish. A donation of £15 will enable a new native broadleaf tree to be planted while £40 could help a disadvantaged person or school child to visit the Dales to take part in a woodland activity, improving their wellbeing while ensuring that these habitats are understood.

To support the appeal visit