I know why they didn't find the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq - my daughter's got them.

I know this because she's been at home off school for a fortnight and seems to have detonated quite a few in my living room. You can't see an inch of carpet for Barbie dolls and those Bratz things. And the remote control is still missing in action.

So it was with a huge sigh of relief that I left the destruction behind and took The Child and The Old Git (though I'm not allowed to call him that any more) for Sunday lunch at Nosh in Skipton.

Now, you need to know that I'm completely biased here. Because I love Nosh. With no offence to our longer-standing and still excellent town centre restaurants, I think Skipton has been crying out for a place like this. It's urban and trendy, yet relaxed and informal.

You can choose to eat in the downstairs bar area or, like us, venture upstairs to the minimalist chic of the restaurant proper. It's like an Ocean catalogue brought to life, with modern place settings that I'm sure won't be on Charles and Camilla's wedding list.

But what about the food? Well, I'll get my one and only gripe out of the way now. There's simply too much to choose from. The Brasserie menu offers a wide selection of Tapas, plus simply' starters and mains plus a range of dishes which you can take as a small or large serving.

Then there's the three course Sunday menu too and with the option of mixing and matching between the two, I'd have been choosing all day were it not for my hungry companions.

We went for Tapas to start. Both myself and The Child had the gorgeous wonton tiger prawns with a chilli dip and He (new name) had a delicious vegetarian spinach and cheese tortellini.

Then I was gutted. Because I was going to choose the roast sirloin of beef with all the trimmings, but He got in first. And it was, I quote, "the best Sunday lunch ever", which puts my cooking in its place.

My smoked haddock on a pea and chorizo risotto certainly wasn't far behind and what child isn't happy with sausage and mash? We all dug into the excellent selection of vegetables that came with His meal and, as ever, everything was presented to perfection.

In fact, I wanted to pinch the plates, but my bag wasn't big enough.

Having heroically lost half a stone I declined a pud, but, for professional purposes only, tasted His trio of ice cream with homemade biscuits and The Child's sticky toffee pudding. It was like trying to choose between Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Both delectable. And very rich!

You don't have to be young, hip and trendy to enjoy the food and atmosphere at Nosh. Prices on the brasserie menu range from £4 to £12, with a two course lunch on offer for £6.95 in the week. And the Sunday lunch menu is £6.95 for one course, £9.95 for two and £12.95 for three. For the high quality of food and exceptional service, that's a bargain.

Right then. Who else forget to wash the PE kit?

Reviewed by: Eilis Bottomley