CREDIT where it's due to Labour Town councillor Brian McDaid, mentioned in the  article about the Keelham farm shop employees (Farm shop workers grateful of support, Craven Herald, February 1).

Cllr McDaid has given much of his own time and expertise to help the workers get the compensation and advice they are entitled to after the owners suddenly pulled the plug on the shop and walked away.

Meanwhile Julian Smith's photo appears with increasing frequency in your pages, although he seems oblivious to any challenges faced by his constituents in these difficult times, preferring to visit schools, pubs and doctors surgeries seemingly at random.

I have yet to read of any good work done by Mr Smith during these visits, and he has remained tight lipped on issues such as the cost of living, record NHS waiting lists, or even the closure of Keelham farm shop.

Roll on the general election and let's see if the mantra of a blue rosette on a sheep being a vote winner still hold good.

Doug Clark (Chair, Skipton and Ripon Labour Party)