A Double Dose of Lippy Logic provided a diverse and highly enjoyable evening's entertainment.

An intimate and warm audience was engaged throughout by Christine Hooley and Veronica Caperon as they performed laugh-out loud comedy as well as moving drama in a series of specially written sketches.

Skilful scene-setting took the mood from a lighthearted introduction to the subdued Two Friends piece. The audience was cleverly drawn in by the intrigue of Jan’s situation as her weaknesses are suddenly exposed to her best friend. The two actors delivered the very sensitively written piece with natural ease, poignancy and chummy humour.

Shaken from the impact of this powerful scene, the audience were then treated to some hilarious comedy in Up the Garden Path. After a slightly slow start, Christine and Veronica masterfully handled the “volunteers” from the audience. The use of garden tools as instruments enabled the participants to join in and really added enormously to the warmth of the performers – the audience were in absolute stitches.

Veronica had been allowed by Christine to present just five of her many poems. This she accomplished successfully with more than a touch of the Roger McGough style of writing and reading: light-hearted, thought-provoking and sensitive.

Concluding the show, The Birthday Wish monologue saw 50-something Norma’s touching account of the last days of her late mother’s life in a nursing home. Christine delivered it with great tenderness, pathos and humour. However, the piece seemed a little flat after the preceding contrasting items and it might have felt stronger as a stand-alone piece or by appearing earlier in the show.

Lippy Logic has clearly launched a successful double act with really talented acting and creative writing. Their original aim was to bring fun and drama by ladies of a certain age to the stage: with a paucity of material, they simply wrote and produced their own, and their enthusiasm and professionalism clearly captivated a very appreciative audience.

Jane Wood