AFTER Skipton Film Club’s successful foray into the horror genre with its late evening presentation of the classic film Halloween, the club will screen the 2016 smash indie American horror Get Out this Sunday.

Skipton Film Club spokesman Paul Valentine said: "Get Out is a truly American Nightmare where black meets white in a subversive, funny and truly frightening movie.

"The horror film has often been used to look at those parts of society – class and gender politics in films like Rosemary's Baby and the Stepford Wives.

"Cult comedian Jordan Peele turns his camera on one of the great issues troubling America and the rest of the world – race.

"Following an initial scenario that plays out like the famous sixties movie Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner starring the great black actor of that period Sidney Poitier – the movie slowly moves into a terrifying journey for its black protagonist. "The film turns on its head the classic trope of having white characters feeling threatened by black characters by lifting the lid on the racism that can lie at the heart of liberal America.

"The film is one that uses genre (the horror film) in a fresh and inventive way," added Mr Valentine. "The movie has taken record box office receipts for an independent film and we feel proud to include in our season at Skipton Film Club."

Get Out (certificate 15) will be screened at 5.15pm on Sunday at the Plaza Cinema in Skipton.

Members and non members welcome.