SKIPTON Town Hall will host a performance of a story about a poem-loving dragon.

Quantum Theatre returns to Skipton to present an adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s The Reluctant Dragon, a tale of bravery and friendship for all the family.

The story follows a boy who is not surprised to find out that a dragon has been discovered up on the Downs.

The boy has always known the cave there was a dragon cave, so it seems only right for a dragon to be living in it.

But this particular dragon is not a bit like the ones in fairy tales, as it writes poetry and does not like fighting.

When the town-folk send for St George to slay the dragon, the boy needs to come up with a clever plan to save his friend and convince the townsfolk to accept him.

The performance will take place at 2pm on Tuesday in Skipton Town Hall.

To book tickets, which cost £7.50, ring 01756 792809, visit or call into the box office in the town hall.