SKIPTON Film club will present its latest screening A Fantastic Woman, the winner of the Best Foreign Film at this year’s Oscars awards.

Director Sebastian Lelio created a storm with his previous film, the dynamic Chilean comedy Gloria.

He has followed this with a trailblazing drama, a story of a resilient female refusing to live her life according to the demands of others.

Daniela Vega plays a young transgender singer who is in a relationship with an older man. When he dies, Marina (Vega) finds herself at odds with his family and the society that surrounds her.

Club member Paul Valentine said: “The film uses melodrama and fantasy to highlight Marina’s plight – using long established cinematic genres in an innovative way.

“Vega’s performance, as a transgender actress herself, gives a brilliant central performance that provides the film’s heartbeat.

“Although contemporary in its content and approach – the central conflict of the film is a universal one – how does society treat those individuals who are different and have the courage to chart their own way in the world?

Skipton Film Club is looking to bring the best films from around the world and this film is one of the most thrilling examples of world cinema from last year.”

The film will be screened at 5.15pm on Sunday, October 7, at The Plaza in Skipton. Members and non members welcome.