WATCHING this I felt as if I had stepped back in time, not just to the “never, never time” suggested by Elsie’s costume but also back into my own childhood.

Poppy Avison Fell totally encapsulates the old-fashioned story teller, who produces something mundane out of her bag of tricks and manages to weave a charming tale about the everyday.

In this case it was a tale of an over adventurous cat who managed to get himself lost when he climbed into a lady’s handbag on a railway station.

The story though explored the distress of the cat when he found he had strayed too far, the concern of his owner and the joy of their reunion brought about through the kindness of strangers.

A simple tale, simply told with the use of simple props but totally engaging.

Poppy Avison Fell is an expressive artist whose style of speaking directly to camera genuinely made you feel as if you were there in the room with her.

A real bite-size joy to watch.