JUST to add to the sad news that Neighbours will finish later this year due to Channel 5 stopping it, I was horrified and very saddened by an article in the i-paper yesterday "Licence fee payers miss out as BBC's Blue Planet team joins with Disney+".

I have paid the licence fee all my adult life, apart from a few years when my husband was 80 years old and it was free. He died aged 86 over seven years ago.

All David Attenborough's natural history series have been a part of my life for many years and the most recent Green Planet was as wonderful as all the others. The Disney+ channel is not free and as a 73 year old widow, I cannot afford to pay £7.99 every month on top of all the other ever-increasing household bills now, in order to be able to watch Attenborough's next series, whenever this change takes place.

I rely on my Sky television for the many channels that my licence permits but no way can I add that Disney+ fee just for one occasional series when I know for certain that I won't use it for anything else.

I have checked with Sky to see if I could get if for free, as I am as a VIP member, but it's not an offer they can do.

What a sad and disappointing action for me and I'm sure many other older folk who don't use all the streaming channels.

I hope it takes a long time to happen and that all licence fee payers will be able to enjoy more of Attenborough's superb series before we can't afford to see them ever again.

Tessa Bird