INSTEAD of a letter about the miseries and problems of our current life, I would like to send a truly sincere thank you to the Puzzle Setters for their excellent puzzles and the editor for publishing them in the Craven Herald each week.

My daily paper is the i-paper which has puzzles which I enjoy, but they don't vary in style at all, so the Craven Herald provides a very happy change as there are so many different puzzles which I can make last several days in between my long countryside and moorland walks!

My favourite is "Missing Links" which can be quite tricky and that can sometimes take a few days to complete. Very occasionally I will look up an answer, but I try not to do that! The Giant Crossword is excellent and all the word and letter puzzles are the ones for me, as I admit that number puzzles have always been beyond my capabilities!

Many thanks for my happy entertainment and please keep all these super puzzles coming!

Tessa Bird.