MY friend Bruce McLeod has I fear misinterpreted my self deprecatory comment about life making us all hypocrites. (Our responsibility to monitor government, Craven Herald letters, May 9). I was in fact acknowledging my own hypocrisy.

In my defence I was and have tried to respond to those correspondents who wished to justify or provide a justifiable reason for the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. My beef with Bruce was his wish to widen out the debate to all war(s) which I think risks letting Russia off the hook over the Ukraine. That does not diminish in any way the need to fix/solve/withdraw from other wars and or address these issues.

I gladly accept the wider context that Bruce draws our attention to but it ain't going to put Mr Putin back in his box. I would also respectfully suggest that the greatest threat to all our peaceful futures on this earth today is not the disgraceful Western interference in Yemen and numerous other places but Mr Putin succeeding with his mission to restore Greater Russia to it's former extent.

If the prioritising of one task over others makes me a hypocrite then I am guilty as charged.

Anthony Bradley

Long Preston