I HAVE never called myself a Royalist but I keep thinking about this week and the Platinum Jubilee.

I can't help but feel that this is so much more than a brief passing event, it is the recognition of a monarch that has served this country through good and bad for 70 years and in recognising this we appreciate that this time will eventually come to an end, the end of an era.

I have been looking around to see how people are going to celebrate and I feel really sad at what appears to be a massive lack of interest.

I feel glad to have been growing up at a time when a street party meant so much more than a pack up. It was a time when everyone was involved, whether it be sorting out the chairs and tables, decorating the street, preparing some entertainment or baking mountains of buns. It didn't matter whether you ended up with 12 jellies and six sandwiches, the point was that people were sharing whatever they could, and in my memories, this was what community was about.

I know many people may say that they're two busy these days and I appreciate that times have changed but there are ways around this. I think there are many older people like me who would love to help. We may not have all our faculties but what we lack in one area we can compensate in another!

It makes me sad to think that the memories I hold of an event such are this are just that, memories of a bygone time.

Street parties were absolutely wonderful occasions, so please try to think this week about celebrating not just as a community but as a nation.

Jenny Jones