JUST Stop Oil activists and their fellow groups say they intend to continue to cause disruption to us normal people until the Government surrenders to their ridiculous, uninformed, childish demands.

Let's face it, to all these groups, interchangeable as they are, the protesting is their raison d'etre, the cause is a mere by-product. With the weak justice system we appear to have when it comes to sentencing protesters, when the police actually put them before a court, they are back doing it again straightaway.

I have a much better idea to deal with them. If they are really so committed to saving the planet by stopping the use of oil and other fossil fuels, I'm sure they will be happy to co-operate with this. Their demonstrations are doing nothing but annoying people, so why don’t we put them in a position to assess how we can cope without fossil fuels and their many derivatives. Instead of fining them let’s put them into some of the old and disused army camps.

Three months over winter would be ideal with just solar power and wind power to provide them with energy, only natural fibre clothing to wear and the only food they can have will be seasonal food grown or reared in this country.

Obviously no foodstuff could come from overseas because of the use of non-renewable energy to transport it here. Also, no mobile phones or other such media devices due to these things stripping rare metals from underground, often mined using child labour with no health and safety concerns. Surely not something our brave eco-warriors condone.

After their three months in what should be their idea of Utopia they can be interviewed by the Government and scientists to give their findings on living in this way and advise us on how we all can enjoy this Nirvana that they want for our future survival.

To make it even more interesting it could be filmed along the lines of Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here so we could all tune in to see this new Paradise they are trying to create for us.

Come on Channel 5 get in there quick, give Yorkshire's fine vets a rest for a season.

Paul Morley

Long Preston