WITH the Ukraine Russia conflict, the horrendous problems in Israel and Gaza and now the Houthis trying to stop trade through the Red Sea and Suez Canal backed by Iran isn’t it time the people who run this country took their heads out from the sand and realised what most of us can see already? It’s called reality.

The time has come in this increasingly unstable world to put the safety and security of our country and its people above all else. Firstly we need to become more self-sufficient, never mind that the various climate change factions will swoon and clutch their comfort blankets. We are sitting on many years worth of gas and coal to provide energy that it not at risk of global disruption.

We have an excellent farming industry, both arable and livestock, which could provide the majority of our needs if they were only allowed to get on with it, and also paid sensible prices for their produce by the big supermarkets rather than being cut to the bone to appease shareholders.

And finally, let’s make things easier and more cost effective to kick start the manufacturing industry in this country. What a waste having nearly all our everyday items made on the other side of the world.

Paul Morley

Long Preston