I SPEAK on behalf of we, the people of the world. We, the people, do not hate the Russians or the Chinese and certainly not the poor Iranians and I, personally do not believe they hate me.

Because a few hundred politicians, a few hundred military men and certainly all the arms trade dealers, have decided they cannot get on, we, the people, have to pay the price for their folly.

Why should these few misguided men control the world and not allow us to have peace. The peoples of the world would like to stand up and say we have had enough of your war mongering. We do not hate each other and as much as you would like us to be taught to hate each other, we will not be fooled and duped any more.

Some oldies will be gullible and think war is still a good solution, but the majority of us do not wish to live, watching our fellow world brothers and sisters, kill each other. Most of us outgrew war in 1945. All the wars going on are being waged without our consent and we have not given approval.

The leaders should all be put in an aircraft hanger in the middle of the Gobi Desert and left there until they sort out their differences. Our leaders are like children, still fighting and bullying in the playground.

We, the people; tell you, our leaders, enough is enough. We no longer want to see such misery on our most beautiful planet – you are ruining it for us.

Rowena Harker Leder