I HAVE looked at the manifestos put out by the candidates (for North Yorkshire Mayor, May 2) and non seem much interested in 'bread and butter' issues.

We know what the Tories have been doing and not doing, but let us look at what the other parties have done, when they have had some power in Scotland and Wales.

In Wales Labour have reduced all 30mph limits to 20mph. The idea being if you hit someone at 20 they come off better than if you hit them at 30. Carried further, surely 15, 10 or 5 will be safer, or no car at all. Which is what some would like. I believe over a million people have signed a petition about this I think the Greens may be in that group.

If you read The Guardian, you will know of Owen Jones, a hard left writer, who has decamped from the Labour Party and now urges people to vote for the Greens, who he reckons are more to the left They are part of the Scottish Government, and voted in an act on "hate speech" as did most of the Labour Party there.

A victim has been the writer, J K Rowling, who believes that men pretending to be women, as some rapists are there, are in fact men.

Many have complained to the police this is hate speech and she ought to be locked up.

Another complaint I have against the Greens is they want speed cameras everywhere. My local councillor told me there is overwhelming support for this. When I went round asking people I know, the score was 15 to three against. I fear after the speed cameras, will come 20mph instead of 30 mph, and more and more measures to force motorists off the road.

No doubt the parties I mention will say that they will not do these things. But they have elsewhere.

"By their deeds will you know them."

I understand the Tory candidate is something to do with roads now. Why are verges on back roads no longer cut and we have to dive into nettles to avoid huge tractors?

I am not sure we even need a mayor, which will only add to the expense of local government.

Bernard Ideson