In response to B Ideson's letter about Labour's plan for energy, (Energy questions, Craven Herald Letters, June 20).  If Labour form the next government on July 5 they will set up a publicly owned company called GB energy.

This will be the vehicle for creating jobs and building supply chains in renewable energy in every corner of the UK. More power will be produced locally through a combination of onshore wind, solar, and hydropower projects.

Communities will be invited to come forward with projects, and the government will work with local leaders and devolved governments to ensure local people benefit directly. The 650000 jobs is an estimate of how many jobs will be created, mostly in the supply chains, the aim being that we move away from importing valuable components like solar panels and batteries to producing them in the UK.

Having locally produced clean energy will cut costs and get us back on track to meet our emissions targets. Local supply chains will provide skilled work and mean we are not reliant on imports.

Doug Clark Chair, Skipton and Ripon Labour Party