Radio Four listeners will be transported to Skipton next week.

For, on Wednesday, they will be able to hear the first of a new six-part series by veteran stand-up comedian, author and commentator Mark Steel.

For the series, Mark visits six UK towns and delves into their history, people and idiosyncrasies to try to work out what makes the place distinctive.

And Skipton is his first port of call.

He put the town on his itinerary following a successful show at the town’s Mart Theatre in October when he developed a fondness for the area.

Mark did all his own research and created a bespoke stand-up show for each community, which was then performed in front of a local audience.

The Skipton show was recorded at the Mart in January.

Other towns featured in the series are Boston, Lewes, Walsall, Merthyr Tydfil and the Isle of Portland.

Mark has performed on the British comedy circuit and on national tours since 1982.

He has presented several radio and television programmes for Radio Four including The Mark Steel Solution and The Mark Steel Lectures. He has also appeared on Have I Got News for You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He has written several books and columns for national newspapers.

His show, Mark Steel’s in Town, can be heard on Radio Four on Wednesday at 6.30pm.