ROCK ‘n’ roll covers band Blue Suede Dudes will begin the New Year with gigs in Keighley, Shipley and Bingley.

The Keighley-based trio will start out with a performance at Keighley Liberal Club, Scott Street, on Saturday, January 6.

Then it’s a winter trip around surrounding towns and villages including the Catholic Club in Shipley on January 19, the Brown Cow in Bingley on February 3, and the Hoggs and Heifer, Bentham, on March 17.

The three veteran musicians – Dale Kitson, Lee Kitson and Roger Kirby – regularly appear at venues across Bradford district and the Dales.

The trio first teamed up in 2011 to play some 1950s classics for Dale’s birthday, but enjoyed it so much they carried on.

They focus on performing rocked-up covers of rock ‘n’ roll classics – including three-way harmonies – by the likes of Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, The Beatles and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Dale and Roger were both members of popular Keighley bands during the 1980s, while Lee spent most of the 1990s with Sidewinder.

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