AUDIENCE members of Finding Nana at Skipton Town Hall are being invited to take part in an interactive workshop and performance.

The workshop takes place from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday with the performance of Finding Nana at 8pm.

The autobiographical play, by award-winning playwright Jane Upton, explores memories of a beloved grandparent.

During the workshop attendees can create and shape some of their own memories and stories.

The pieces that are created will then be shared with the audience on the night after the performance of Finding Nana – writers will have the option of performing their work themselves.

Jayne Williams, participation director for theatre company New Perspectives, said: “Whether you are, or have, a nana, grandpa, granny, pops, nanny, mama or gran, that grandparent grandchild relationship is special. We’d love to hear your unique stories and help you share them with others.”

There is no extra charge for the workshop – all you need is your ticket to the play although a pound in the donation box will be welcomed. The workshop is suitable for people aged 14 and over.

Finding Nana is set in a seaside hotel; and every summer Jane and her nana share the same room in the same hotel in the same seaside resort for the same two weeks. That was until Nana started to lose her memory.

This moving play journeys back to find a beloved Nana, before she forgot who she was.

Tickets cost £10 for adults and £8 for under 18s, and are available from Skipton Town Hall box office, by calling 01756 792809 or visiting