An interactive theatrical event based on the 1960s TV series Thunderbirds will be held in London in November.

Fans of the programme will be able to immerse themselves in Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s world of International Rescue in an interactive theatre production called Thunderbirds: Beyond The Horizon.

The show will be performed at purpose-built theatre The Buzz in London’s Mercato Metropolitano leisure complex from November.

The poster for an interactive theatre show based on Thunderbirds. (Limelight Productions/Emma Brunjes Productions)

The plot of the show was partially teased in an announcement by the companies behind it, Limelight productions and Emma Brunjes Productions.

The announcement said: “Lady Penelope invites you to the launch of the Horizon Project at a top-secret location.

“However, all is not as it seems, and Lady Penelope is nowhere to be found.

“The Hood has infiltrated Brains’ lab and his work for the Horizon Project is facing a cyber-attack with catastrophic consequences.

“The Tracy brothers are compromised, leaving the Thunderbirds immobilised… except for one. They need your help to stop The Hood.”

The show will be created by the productions teams behind Olivier-recognised productions Harry Potter And The Cursed Child and Alice’s Adventures Underground, in collaboration with ITV Studios.

It will premiere on November 7 and is booked to run until January 27. Tickets will go on general sale from Friday.