Jesus had to negotiate snowdrifts during Settle’s Good Friday Passion Play.

In fact, the weather forecast of one degree Celsius led to a change of location for the first scene – the washing the disciples’ feet – which was held inside St John’s Church Hall, instead of outside the Catholic Church.

But the remaining scenes, depicting Jesus’s prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, his trial and his crucifixion were performed at outdoor venues.

Judith Allinson, one of the disciples, said: “I and the other actors found acting out the scenes very meaningful.”

The play was produced by Wendy Holt and was performed by a cast of more than 30 people including the Rev John Bavington (Jesus), Simon Eden (Peter), John Raubenheimer (Judas), Michael Cullingworth (Pilate), Ray Jones (Caiaphas), Joy Orwell (Mary Magadalene), Billy Thwaite (centurion) and Jane Mansergh (lead singer).

Hot-cross buns and coffee were served in the parish church afterwards.

On Sunday, a service was held at 6.30am at the Millennium Gardens near Booths Supermarket in Settle, which was followed by breakfast at the Friends Meeting House.