An information board about the life of Settle’s famous son, Tot Lord, has been erected at The Courtyard, just outside Settle.

Tot spent the majority of his lifetime devoted to the unearthing of facts about prehistoric cave dwellers and it was his finds in in the local Victoria, Jubilee and Attermire Caves which resulted in him launching the famous Pig Yard Club Museum. The museum was widely praised, with one local expert, Dr Arthur Raistrick, calling it “magnificent”.

Exhibits, the majority of which were of local origin, included 750 flint arrowheads, the pre-historic bones of animals which once roamed Settle district in the pre-historic past including elephant and rhinoceros, a reverse barbed bone harpoon which was discovered at Victoria Cave and was perhaps used by ancient man when fishing in a nearby glacial tarn, the 17th-century Giggleswick church single pointer clock and the Settle Cycling Club bugle.

The Courtyard, which is proving popular with visitors, is located in the redeveloped farm buildings, which were once part of the Cleatop Park estate purchased by Tot in 1956.