Craven Museum and Gallery is appealing for help in completing a lottery-backed oral history project.

The Skipton museum recently received £3,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for its All Our Stories project – a compilation of 40 years of interviews with Craven people.

The grant has meant the museum can digitalise all the recordings and save them for future generations.

But in order for it to proceed, the museum needs the permission of all those it has interviewed, or if they have passed away, the permission of their families.

Martin Wills, the museum’s collections and interpretations officer, said they were very keen to increase public access to the recordings.

“They give a valuable insight into Craven’s history,” he said.

“The tapes include stories about the prisoner of war camp, everyday general life in Craven and lectures from notable Cravener Arthur Raistrick.”

He said around 24 of the original interviewees and their families had already been contacted, but the remaining 40 have been harder to trace.

The grant will be used by the museum to complete Talking Treasure project which aims to give the public greater access to the museum’s oral history collections by posting snippets online and putting them on the museum’s audio pod.

Anyone who was interviewed – or believe that a member of their family may have been – can contact Martin Wills at Craven Museum and Gallery on 01756 706317 or email