Skipton man Jamie Fairbairn is leading a team of engineering students at the University of Warwick in a bid to achieve their dream of designing and building a human-powered submarine.

On July 7, the Warwick Sub team will compete in the four-day European International Submarine Race (eISR) at Gosport’s Ocean Basin, the biggest covered water space in Europe.

Their first challenge on the path to glory is to raise enough funds to manufacture the vessel.

Team leader Jamie, who is in charge of the chassis, said: “There are a multitude of challenges we face in the design, manufacture and testing of the submarine on top of organisational aspects such as sponsorship.

“We hope our entry emerges victorious in all categories but in order to do any of this we need help and are searching for a potential business to sponsor us.”

Their creation will be put through its paces in a U-turn and slalom competition, as well as a 25-metre race where the Warwick team is aiming to beat the speed record of 8.09mph.

Teams will be judged on speed, design and performance, with additional prizes will be handed out for top speed, agility, innovation and manufacturing.

Potential sponsors should email