PLANS to build a 147ft (45m) high wind turbine in the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural have been fiercely opposed.

Applicant George Houghton, who lives at another farm in Bentham, says the single turbine at Israel Farm, Kettlesbeck, Austwick, would generate enough power for 160 homes and reduce the costs and overheads of the farm, which is run by four employees.

And although in an ANOB, the level of harm would not compromise its special qualities.

He also plans to donate all the profit from the turbine into the charity he set up in memory of his late wife - Betty's Radiosurgery Cyberknife Trust.

But villagers and Clapham Cum Newby Parish Council have raised serious concerns about the size of the turbine being too large for the needs of the farm, and its impact on the ANOB.

It has also been opposed by the Ramblers Association which calls for it to be refused permission on a matter of principle in that it is within the ANOB.

Its footpaths and planning officer for the West Riding group says walkers will have clear views from all of the area.

"It is clear from the photo montages pointing southwards, that walkers using the Bowland hills will have clear views of the turbine."

It is further pointed out that the route is partly featured in North Yorkshire County Council's 'Open Access Walks in North Yorkshire'.

"All of these routes for much of their length are in sight of the turbine and the first two go within 300 metres."

English Heritage has also raised concerns about a 'potential harmful impact on the setting and significance of a number of designated heritage assets'.

And in a combined objection to Craven District Council, the 'Parish' claims there has been no public consultation and that the application contains inaccuracies.

"Most of the Forest of Bowland ANOB in Craven will have clear views of the wind turbine. It will also be seen in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.. It is hard to see how it will not have an adverse impact on the landscape and outlooks of the parishes of Lawkland, Austwick, Giggleswick and Clapham. It is a very large installation with very little benefit to anyone in the community."