Craven District Council has its first Labour councillor since the start of the new millennium.

Peter Madeley took the Skipton West Ward in the by-election called following the death of Polly English, who had held the seat for the Liberal Democrats.

The last Labour representation on the council was in 1999 during the Labour resurgence under Tony Blair and his New Labour rallying call.

Mr Madeley won the ward with 185 votes, 42 more than his nearest opponent, Edward Walker, who was standing for the Lib Dems.

He said: “This is great night for Labour locally, after 15 years in the wilderness we can start being a serious opposition to the vested interests in the council chamber and start holding the current cosy partnership to account. I can’t wait!”

Overall, the Lib Dems had a bad evening, having also lost a voice in the ward at North Yorkshire County Council with the victory of independent candidate Andy Solloway, and also at Skipton town council with fellow independent Laura Broadbent, who campaigned under the flag of "respecting and protecting Skipton."

She won the seat with 236 votes, narrowly holding off Mr Madeley, who polled 212 votes.

She said: "I wish to give something back to my community. It's important that younger people are involved in the decision making process in out local councils."

Mr Solloway, who has represented Skipton South on Craven Council since 2001, grabbed the county council seat with 391 votes, a majority of 36 over Conservative candidate Paul Whitaker.

He said: "I was encouraged to stand by last year's county elections, where I lost by just 100 votes.

"I campaigned very hard, visiting every doorstep and without a party machine behind me, though I did have valuable help."

He stressed that as an independent he would be working exclusively to reflect the whole ward and would not be restricted by any party whip.

North Yorkshire County Council.

Roger Baxandall, UKIP: 238.

Paul English, Lib Dem:309.

Claire Nash, Green Party: 194.

Andy Rankine, Lab: 181.

Andy Solloway, Ind: 391.

Paul Whitaker, Con:355.

Craven Council.

Roger Baxendall, UKIP: 126.

Bernard Clarke, Ind: 120.

Tim Hudson-Brunt, Con: 131.

John Launder, Green Party: 67.

Peter Madeley, Lab: 185.

Edward Walker, Lib Dem: 143.

Skipton Town Council.

Laura Broadbent, Ind: 236.

Tim Hudson-Brunt, Con: 154.

Peter Madeley, Lab: 212.

Stephen Walpole, Lib Dem: 166.