CRAVEN'S long awaited local plan should be out for consultation in its draft form next month.

Subject to approval of councillors, the plan - which identifies preferred sites for housing and economic development up to 2030 - will go out to public consultation for six weeks.

Craven District Council's Spatial Planning Committee was told last week it needed editing, but that it was important to get it out for people to see.

Sian Watson, spatial planning manager, accepted there were a number of 'typos' and overblown descriptions, but that they would be tidied up before it went out for public consumption.

Some councillors also criticised parts of the plan relating to their particular ward, but it was pointed out they could be dealt with during the consultation.

Last week's meeting was also attended by members of the public, and the Craven Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), including some who raised concerns, ranging from a perceived lack of notice of meetings, and a lack of recognition on the importance of agriculture.

CPRE chairman, Jules Marley said further work was needed.

"We need to listen and hear what groups and communities say. This plan could apply to any place in the country and seems to have little to do with the core of Craven, which is the community," she said.

The document sets out how land in Craven should be used for housing, business, recreation and conservation. It has been put together following extensive public consultation, including a number of roadshows across the area, where residents and developers were invited to contribute.

Each town, village and settlement has included areas for development and the number of new houses expected to be built during the life of the plan.

It also sets out Craven's goals for renewable and low carbon energy, although it does not identify specific sites.

Following the approval of the spatial planning committee members, the plan will go out for six weeks consultation sometime next month.

Subject to responses, the plan will then go to the council's Policy Committee before going onto the full council towards the end of the year. It is planned that it will go to the Planning Inspectorate for approval early next year.