A CONONLEY woman with a history of depression wrote a letter to police telling them she was going to take her own life, an inquest heard.

Patricia Louise Pethers, 50, had also posted house keys with the letter to police and had also sent letters to friends telling them of her intentions and apologising for what she was about to do.

She was found dead on her bed in her home in Gordon Terrace in June when police officers and one of her friends entered the house, the inquest in Skipton was told.

She was a diabetic and three insulin pens, some chocolate and some jelly sweets were at her side, coroner Rob Turnbull was told, while there were documents including her passport and a will on a chest of drawers in the bedroom.

Ms Pethers had been on anti-depressants and had told doctors she had sometimes struggled to find a purpose in life, the inquest heard.

Mr Turnbull said there were no suspicious circumstances and recorded a verdict that Ms Pethers had taken her own life with a self-administered dose of insulin. He added that it was a very sad case.