CHECK-IN facilities for outpatients' appointments at Airedale Hospital have been speeded up.

Three touch screens have been installed in the main outpatients' area at the Steeton site.

And additional screens will be placed at the day hospital entrance and in the corridor area outside the Richardson Clinic and women's and children's outpatient departments.

There are also plans to introduce machines at Skipton Hospital.

Julia Spencer, patient services manager at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: "When all the clinics in outpatients are busy, people can get delayed and sometimes are late for their appointments because they are queuing at the reception desk to let us know they are here.

"Feedback we have received from patients about the new self check-in has been really positive. They are delighted that we have caught up with technology used in their GP surgeries.

"Giving patients the option to self-check-in, particularly those who come for regular appointments, will speed up the process for them and give the receptionists more time to spend with patients who need assistance."

Patients can still opt to check-in if they wish at the main outpatients' reception desk.

It is also planned to introduce a new automated voice call appointment reminder service.