SITA Brand, director of Settle Stories, has a tale of her own to tell.

And, on Saturday, she will take to the stage at the town's Victoria Hall and talk about her childhood.

She says Memories of an Indian Childhood is a moving and heartwarming piece of theatre.

Born in Bombay, Sita lived in India until she was 15, facing all the usual challenges of growing up.

But the light-hearted stories give way to darker more painful memories - including her father's gruelling exodus from Burma at the onset of World War Two and the Indian Emergency of 1975, which precipitated the need to leave India and come to Britain.

"We lost all our rights - there was no free press, there was no freedom of religion, there was no freedom of movement and there was no freedom of speech. That was a formative time in my life," said Sita.

After moving to the UK, Sita lived in Scotland for a while, but decided to make Craven her home after visiting close family friend Barbara Bowman in Settle and falling in love with the area.

"I just knew I wanted to live here," said Sita. "I loved the landscape with its hills and managed to persuade my husband, Graham, to 'up sticks' to move to Giggleswick."

She set up Settle Storytelling Festival in 2010 and since then the event has trebled in size.

For tickets to Memories of an Indian Childhood, visit or call 01729 825718.