THE chairman of Addingham Parish Council, Cllr Catherine Coates, and Richard Hunter Rowe, were invited to attend a garden party at 10 Downing Street in recognition of the hospitality shown to the Prime Minister on his recent visit to Addingham as part of the Tour de Yorkshire.

Cllr Coates was hoping to bring the matter of the over-subscribed schools, particularly Ilkley Grammar School, once more to the attention of the Prime Minister.

Cllr Coates has recently written to David Cameron highlighting the issue.

This letter has been passed to the Secretary of State for Education’s department and is one of a number of follow-up letters the council has sent to ensure the issue of IGS is regularly brought to the attention of the relevant government department.

Mr Hunter Rowe, who chairs Addingham Beer Festival Committee and the village's Tour Addingham 2014 committee, confirmed that Mr Cameron was very appreciative of his time in Addingham and said that the people of the village were the friendliest he had met whilst on the campaign.